Book Your Luxury Cruise Travel With a Travel Agency

Luxury cruise travel means a vacation package which is a combination of cruising and land tours. On this type of vacation you can see everything. You will enjoy fabulous ports which are situated on the coast or beautiful cities. On your luxury cruise vacation, the land tours offer you the best accommodations in five star hotels and your tours will be escorted by experienced travel agents. Organizing a luxury cruise vacation through an agent will give you a lifetime of great memories.

Luxury cruise travel is sophisticated and offers an endless array of activities and entertainment. It is a dream-come-true for everyone because this type of travel offers special activities for kids and at the same time provides spa services, spectacular nighttime entertainment and countless adventure for adults. With cruise travel, usually families get to spend quality time together and can make the most of their vacation.

The most important part is that to make your Luxury cruise travel memorable you need a travel agent who will help you get information about destinations, maps, airport diagrams, and a worldwide time chart and currency conversion rates. On the whole, it can be said that these agents play a very important role in organizing your cruise vacation because they plan the best possible tours for you and help travelers with the necessary schedules, vacation packages, and food facilities. Depending on your budget you can ask your agent to plan an exclusive vacation or a themed one.

Travel agents are always there to help you with the best available travel arrangements. It is true that popular five star hotels, luxury resorts and Luxury cruise agencies use travel agents to highlight their exciting packages. These agents help in offering guidance and recommendations regarding many tourist destinations. For foreign trips, agents offer important information about passports, visas and foreign currencies. Travel and tourism is developing like never before and travel agents have a key role in helping you organize a well planned vacation.

Finding a travel agent for your cruise may be a tough job. When you book Luxury cruise travel through a travel agent, they offer you the best deals and discounts. A knowledgeable cruise specialist can help you find the best deals and also efficiently deal with essential queries regarding luggage and other rules and regulations.

Travel agents also help you to cancel your cruise if the need arises. Good agents will help if you are facing any problems and they will help you solve it and negotiate for you with the cruise authority. Travel agents are playing three important roles as advisers, planners and negotiators. Simply take their help to make the perfect vacation plan within your budget.

There is nothing better than a luxury cruise travel vacation. Not only will you experience the customs, culture and tastes of a foreign place but you can also get the needed rest and relaxation that you desire. if you want a flawless luxury cruise vacation, utilize the services of a travel agent to plan your luxury cruise vacation.

Ultimate Destinations With Luxury Cruises

You do not have to spend millions of dollars just to enjoy the amenities and enjoyment of luxury cruises. There are cruise lines that offer affordable packages. In fact, there are various pricing packages. Depending on your budget, you can choose between a cabin and a stateroom. You can also enjoy more or few activities.

There are some people who have saved money all their lives just to get the ultimate journey of a lifetime, so money is no longer an issue. Costs usually depend on departure and destination points, as well as the number of days for the journey.

Travel agencies have partnered with luxury cruise lines that offer fine services for the traveler who is stuck on his budget. For those who can afford more, there are also cruise lines that offer packages with longer journeys, more exotic destinations, and more sightseeing opportunities.

With luxury cruises, passengers can enjoy four course dinners, fun entertainment and highly-furnished staterooms. Travel agents can provide information on which luxury cruise lines have excellent reputation in terms of services.

Let a luxury cruise vacation be a gift for yourself. Popular destinations that are recommended by travel agents are the following:

The Caribbean has many islands and ports-of-call destinations.
Bahamas is for travelers who want to enjoy diving, swimming, sailing, or snorkeling.
Alaska has many wonderful vacation spots and travelers can taste sumptuous local dishes.
Antarctica has abundant wild life and beautiful scenery.
Indian Ocean boasts of Maldives, Mauritius and Madagascar which have beautiful coral atolls, lush vegetation, and exotic tropical mountains. There are also many spots for sightseeing during your ride in cruises.
Hawaii has extremely beautiful sea shores for beach lovers.

All your needs are well taken care of in cruise ships. Inclusive packages cover meals, wine, and entertainment and the use of facilities. The pampering services you will find are truly exceptional and worth the money you pay for. Activities may include swimming in the pools or jump to exotic beaches when the cruise ship docks. If you have booked your cruise vacation with a travel agent from a reliable travel agency, then you have already paid in advance. This means that you will not have to take a lot of money with you.

Plan early enough so that you can enjoy your travel in cruises. The experiences you gain from visiting the destinations inside luxury ships will truly be memorable. Getting in touch with travel agents will be a best experience for everyone in cruising.

Discount Luxury Cruises

The amenities available on a cruise ship are as important as the places visited during the journey. A cruise liner is often synonymous with the luxuries it offers. The increasing number of passengers on a luxury cruise liner is an indication of the success of the discount offers given by ravel agents. Discount luxury cruises have made a permanent appearance on the budget traveler’s list. Almost all cruise line operators offer discounts to attract more passengers. Today, discount luxury cruises are the catchword for budget minded travelers.

Luxury cruises range from a few hours to several days. Some cruise voyages last for several months, and discounts give much more flexibility to the average traveler’s plans and budget. A cruise is an all-inclusive package, usually including taxes, surcharges and airport fees, handling fees and port charges. Proper care should be taken while choosing a discount luxury to make sure that the above-mentioned charges are included in the cruise rate.

Rates depend on the cruise length and the ports to be visited. Special rates are sometimes applicable to persons traveling alone. Single person booking a double occupancy cabin may be charged 200% more. As a general rule, discount luxury cruises are best enjoyed in large groups. Certain age groups, such as below 12, are given special discounts. Discounts are also extended to senior citizens and members of certain clubs or associations. Ask around, and always compare prices and amenities before taking the final plunge and booking yourself a cabin on a discount luxury cruise liner.

How to Find Luxury Cruise Ship Deals

When it comes to finding luxury cruise ship deals the first thing you need to do is decide where you want to go. Unless of course you’re pretty much open to going just about anywhere and are willing to jump on the first deal you find regardless of the destination. If you’re not this spontaneous then it doesn’t make any sense to look for cruise discounts until you do know where you would like to go.

Fortunately for the intrepid cruise passenger there is no shortage of destinations to choose from which makes finding good deals much easier. There are over three hundred ports of call that the different cruise lines visit every year and at any time during the years one those companies is bound to be running some sort of special to that location.

The size and amenities of the cruise ship chosen will also affect any deals given. If you want a more intimate experience then consider one of the smaller cruise ships that may carry as few as a dozen passengers. These ships are the pinnacle of luxury with large staterooms that have private bathrooms, full sized showers, and large comfortable beds. There is a more pampered aspect to these types of cruises because the crew has to focus on fewer guests. These smaller ships can also dock in more places, giving you access to ports you might not have on a bigger ship.

There is one trade off though and that is price. Because the quality of the cruise experience tends to be higher on these types of cruises the overall price will also be higher. This is not to say that you can’t find deals on small cruise ships, but the price may still be more then you are willing to pay.

The best place to look for cruise ship deals are with the larger cruise lines with the biggest ships. The reason this is your best option for finding discounts is simply the fact that the cruise lines are all competing for your travel dollars. Empty cabins mean a loss of money so the cruise lines will offer special deals to keep their ships full of ocean going passengers. They can offer larger savings on their bigger ships because the cost is spread out over a larger group of paying guests.

These large cruise ships carry upwards of three thousand passengers and are in no way lacking in comfort, amenities, or activities while onboard. Fine dining, excellent shows, pool side relaxation and entertainment, onboard casinos and shopping are all part of the cruise ship experience and the larger the ship the more there will be to do.

The easiest way to find cruise deals is to call the cruise lines direct and ask them what sort of discounts or specials they have going for the destination you wish to visit. You can also get prices from travel agents and on internet travel sites to comparison shop different rates. Another way to save some money is to do a little research and find out when the off-peak season is. This is the best time to take a cruise because rates are always lowest at this time of the year.

Once you have found the luxury cruise ship deal that fits your budget you are well on your way to taking a truly memorable vacation. Just remember to bring the sunscreen.

Royal Caribbean Vs Regent: Choosing a Contemporary or Luxury Cruise

Since the cruise market emerged in the 1970s, options for a vacation have grown. Do you stick with a standard, or “contemporary,” cruise? Or, do you take advantage of all-inclusive package deals offered by luxury liners? Or, as river cruises are now a popular option, do you prefer the slower trip that spends more time in each port?

Essentially, the choice all comes down to the traveler – the type of trip and features he or she wants. Nevertheless, contemporary and luxury liners both have advantages.

Contemporary Cruises

While not the first liner, Royal Caribbean embodies the contemporary cruise. This particular brand consists of more than 20 ships, including two of the largest in the world, and also encompasses Celebrity Cruises as its upscale traveling experience.

Royal Caribbean’s larger ships mirror the amount of activities contemporary cruises offer. Baseline activities and entertainment covers spas for relaxation, gyms and other recreation facilities, evening shows, nightclubs, and multiple onboard restaurants. The sheer possibilities resulting from such combinations have created the “freestyle cruising” experience, one that, beyond the standard features of a ticket price and itinerary, a traveler can create alone.

Larger ships, as well, have resulted in expanding activities on board. Beyond the basics, a contemporary cruise may include nightclubs for all ages, restaurants for a larger range of taste buds, rock climbing walls and other high-level recreation options, and multiple slides and water activities.

The variable, freestyle, or a la carte cruise experience is often within the budget of many travelers and extends past activities. Such a cruise, be it in a Royal Caribbean or other contemporary ship, involves rotational or open dining, rather than the fixed schedule of years past.

Additionally, contemporary cruises are said to have more family-friendly features on board, be it activities and dining specifically for children or even child care run by experienced professionals.

Luxury Cruises

If Royal Caribbean liners represent the contemporary cruising experience, Regent Seven Seas Cruise is the apex of the luxury market. Considered one of the top-rated cruise lines, Regent consists of a small fleet – just three ships – with each vessel holding 700 or fewer passengers. The experience onboard, however, is considered more spacious and lavish, with personal service and gourmet food a top priority.

Part of luxury travels is the educational experience. Aside from excursions in each port, as well as trips going to less-traveled destinations, luxury cruises often include lectures and demonstrations, as well as other enrichment opportunities.

An aspect of Regent and other luxury cruises is all-inclusive deals. Tickets, while priced higher, cover the cost of not only food, a stateroom, access to pools and gyms, and entertainment, but also complimentary beverages, tours at ports, airfare, and hotel stays.

The Top 5 Luxury Cruise Lines

One of the most cherished pastimes of individuals these days is going on a luxury cruise trips. You’d certainly love going on a cruise particularly if you wish to go to different places. If you’re planning on a cruise trip with your loved ones or your friends, then you might want to consider top five cruise lines that you might love:

Crystal luxury cruise is among the cruise lines that you would want to try out. They offer remarkable comfort which would help you treasure a lot of memories on you trip. The Crystal Cruise is known to be among the “World’s Best Large-Ship Cruise Line” as mentioned through the Travel + Leisure magazine’s annual readers’ surveys for 10 consecutive months. The cruise ship has a spa and Caesars’ Palace Casino and much more.

Silversea can also be regarded as among the Ultimate Luxury Cruise Vacation that individuals love. This boasts of the best ocean-view suites which is perfect for individuals who love going on vacations. They provide excellent customer services and are also known to provide delicious food.

The Seabourn is also thought to be among the best cruise ships in the world. They also had awards and great rankings by travel agencies well as those provided by the people who love going on a cruise. The actual stated cruise ship is known as an intimate personal club which could accommodate as high as 208 guests along with almost an equal number of staff as well as crew who are very friendly.

Regent Seven Seas luxury cruise can also be among the best luxury cruise ships because of its unique and it is unsurpassed levels of epicurean of production. This is a lot more expensive luxury cruise that is perfect for those people searching for luxury vacations and tons of fun. They have itineraries to more than 300 ports on all the 7 continents. This is truly what you would need if you wish to explore the world.

Sea Dream Yacht is just something that you might want to take a look into. Their own luxury cruise comes with 95 crews and a 5 star support ideal for as much as 112 guests. They provide sea view lodging, gourmet meals, their superb 24 hour services, Pool and Jacuzzi, Sauna as well as steam, health spa that people could certainly appreciate.

This is the list of the world’s best luxury cruise lines that you might want to check out!

Luxury Cruise Deals – 3 Things You Must Know to Get the Best Deal!

Searching for the most romantic luxury cruise deals vacation for your coming honeymoon? Wondering how to plan or which destination to go for a perfect ultimate getaway?

Okay…your wedding was a dream. The flowers were perfect, your wedding dress was exquisite, and the music created the most romantic atmosphere you could have ever imagined. You and your groom shared the most magical wedding night and have been in a glowing daze ever since.

When you realize you cannot think of anything truly unique, you seek the opinion of your best girlfriends. One of them suggests romantic luxury cruise deals to the Hawaiian Islands where she and her husband had rekindled their love on their last anniversary.

With the implementation of a few simple but clever tips in your search for the most romantic luxury cruise deals, you’ll be kissing in the romantic moonlight aboard a gorgeous ship before you know it!
Finding affordable yet enjoyable deals requires quite some planning. However, if you go into the search knowing what you want, the process can be exceedingly simpler.

First of all, since there are literally hundreds of different kinds of luxury cruise deals, you (the planner) should decide what which kind you and your significant other would enjoy most. Cruises have various locations, themes, activities, and accommodations.

Popular destinations include Jamaica, Bahamas, Puerto Rico, The Virgin Islands, and the Hawaiian Islands. There are glamour- themed cruises, well equipped to service the queen of England. These cruises truly reflect and deserve the title ‘luxury cruise deals.’

They provide genuine gourmet cuisine, decks of balconied, spacious, suit-like staterooms, and gorgeous interiors. At the other end of the spectrum, there are casually elegant luxury cruise deals, geared towards people who aim for simple relaxation done in style.

Consider your personality and that of your significant other. Are you geared towards a simpler, mode of relaxation or do you thrive on fancy accommodations?

Your decision regarding the most suitable luxury cruise deals can be made a lot easier with the help of a travel agent. Seek one whom only books cruise vacations; that way, you’ll have an industry expert on your side, working to provide you the most affordable, enjoyable cruise possible.

You can also benefit from the fax reductions – little discounts travel agents agencies receive from luxury cruises lines regularly. After you have picked a destination and theme, utilize the Internet and your travel agent to begin researching these cruises.

Also, look for ports close to where you live, reachable by car or by train. This will cut down on the costs a little bit. After all, you want to put your money in the cruise, not in the transportation. Once you have found the luxury cruise deals that you really like, inquire about packages and early bird discounts.
Make sure to book as early as possible, since luxury cruise deals are a popular vacation idea that many people are seizing.

I guarantee these tips will bring you the most romantic yet most affordable luxury cruise deals. You’ll surely celebrate the anniversary of your wedding, rekindle the passion between you, and re-pledge your undying love for the rest of your lives!

Expect Royal Treatment On Luxury Cruises

Commercial cruises are fine, but for a really delightful experience wouldn’t it be better to be able to relax on a private yacht? And wouldn’t is be great to travel at your own pace rather than be rushed to get back on the cruise liner before its sails away? Hard as it may be to believe, many people actually pay more for a trip aboard an overcrowded cruise ship. Why not discover the ultimate way to cruise in style, your ultimate luxury cruise? That’ where yachts charters are making their marks. They are becoming increasingly popular. Why? Because they make it possible for discerning travellers to enjoy an intimate as well as flexible vacation. Add to that the fact that they staff pampers you to your heart’s delight, and you may never go on a “regular” cruise again. With Private Yacht Charters you are in complete control of your itinerary. With private yacht charters you can change your mind and stay that extra night on your favorite island or do whatever else you please. This would never be possible on a commercial cruise line… you would simply miss the boat, literally and figuratively.

Private Yachts Are The First Choice Of Honeymooners

Many honeymooners prefer the private yacht charter as do families who wish to have a reunion or wish to spend time together without the crowds, the hustle and bustle of large cruise liners. Most of all, when you choose a yacht charter with crew, you can be sure that your every whim will be catered to. Also, the private yacht charter captain acts also as a personal guide who can lead you to the most secluded beaches or the quietest anchorages to suit your individual tastes and preferences.

Though most cruise lines offer luxury in their cruise plans, there are some that push the limits and are often referred to as Luxury Cruise Lines. You’ll find much more than what is available on the typical cruise line offerings. For one thing, you can expect a memorable experience that is far above and beyond standard luxury concepts. Some of the notable luxury lines worth mentioning are Crystal Cruises, Regent Seven Seas Cruises, Seabourn Cruise Line, Silversea Cruises, and Windstar Cruises.

The well trained staff aim to please, and they are good at it. You will receive service amazing service aboard these luxury cruise liners is amazing. There offer more staff, more exotic itineraries and more all-inclusive services than you would ever imagine. You can expect almost telepathic service because crew and staff are trained to anticipate the guest’s every whim and fancy while providing courteous and quick service. The luxury cruise ships are generally smaller than mainstream liners and typically cater to fewer than one hundred and fifty to just under four hundred guests. If there is one exception to the rule, it would be Crystal Cruises. It has three ships with a capacity of around nine hundred guests. Still, this is significantly less than what you would find on the crowded decks of the mainstream cruise lines.

Luxury cruise ships display high priced art, delicate china, rare woods as well as the finest fabrics and best in leather on board their liners and have expansive wine cellars as well as relatively bigger accommodation to provide the best of the best. These luxury cruises do not come cheap. You can expect to pay anywhere between three hundred dollars to two thousand dollars per person per day, depending on the ship you choose, the length of cruise as well as type of accommodation and destination you choose.

Cunard cruise line also offers much in the way of luxury cruises. It typifies the best in luxury cruises and offers relaxation with a level of pampering that makes them the first choice for the demanding traveler. With such amazing ships like the Queen Mary 2, Queen Elizabeth 2 and the soon to be completed Queen Victoria, you can expect their luxury cruises to be a unique experience, unmatched by any other ship in the world. The Queen Elizabeth 2 is renowned for catering to millionaires, royalty as well as celebrities and you will be transported to exotic destinations while indulging yourself in the ultimate in luxury aboard these famous ships.

The primary attraction of luxury cruises is the fact that they offer lots of fun, adventure and freedom and integrate it all seamlessly with a liberal supply of indulgent service, pampering and unequalled luxury that you can enjoy for the entire duration of the cruise. Regent Seven Seas Cruises is unique in luxury cruises in that it is the first cruise line to provide all-suite, all-balcony ships and is first also when it comes to providing Le Cordon Bleu restaurants at sea. In addition, it provides an all-inclusive value that includes gratuities, non-alcoholic beverages, and wines at dinner as well as an in-suite bar without having to pay extra for it.

For those that wish to experience a floating country club, the Oceania is a luxury liner that lays emphasis on excellence in cuisine, and is an entry-level luxury line whose ships travel to unique cruise destinations and have distinctive stateroom amenities as well as. The Silversea is the elite of the elite mid-sized all-suite ship whose privileged guests are served unparalleled cuisine with sophistication and intimacy. These luxury liners cater to anyone who desires the finer things of life”… love, laughter and untold luxury!

Want to Go on a Luxury Cruise? – Can You Afford That Luxury Cruise You Have Always Wanted?

There are many ways of getting on a cruise ship!

If you thought you would always have to go to a travel agent and pay crazy prices for a luxury cruise, then you are mistaken. There are many ways to get on that ship!

My name is Tim Riley, I have been at sea since the age of 18 and have sailed as a captain on some of the largest Luxury Cruise liners in the world. I have worked for Holland America line, now part of Carnival corporation and also prior to that worked for P&O cruises as a First Officer.

I have cruised to almost every one of the favourite cruise destinations chosen by the travellers of the world and I have seen some pretty awesome sights too whilst accompanying them there.

My wife and children have regularly accompanied me to some fantastic destinations like Alaska, Northern Europe, the Mediterranean, Caribbean, Africa, South America, South Pacific, Australia and most of the far East. I have completed world cruises and returned a wiser Man!

What’s in it for You?

Cruise ships are places for people to lay back and relax and let someone else do the driving, to visit multiple destinations in a short period of time and take in a snapshot of a culture or city. You don’t spend enough time there to find out the really nice places the locals go to relax, or the ghettos that are carefully driven round so You the cruise visitor doesn’t see them.

When you sail as ‘crew’ you can get the opportunity to see more of these ports and see them regularly too. If you fancy signing on as crew and being paid a reasonable wage for long hours and a Lot of fun, then sign up now, there are many lines to choose from, but I’m sure there are many amongst you who are a little past the waiting on table team and would prefer to part of the ‘being waited on’ team!

The Lowdown on Cruise Ship Vacations

Cruise ship vacations generally cost the shipping company around $100 per head for a week to keep you on board, their victualling rate is around $7 per person per day!! That includes the all day buffet, breakfast from 0600 to 1130, long lunches in the sunshine and a great sit down meal in the evening, followed by the late night buffet and/or the chocolate extravaganza! (all for $7 a head) It’s amazing what bulk buying does to the price of food.

Wages are pretty low, the average cruise ship Captain earns somewhere around $130k a year plus around 10-20% bonus if his vessel is successful through the year. The guys and gals down on the lower decks don’t fair so well and only the top 5 staff onboard get bonuses. The lower wages can be as low as $500/m!

Many of the crew have their wages boosted by tips, especially on American managed cruise lines. It has now become even worse for the crew as the tips are now pooled! So, the crew working in areas away from the passengers, galley staff, laundry etc. now get tips, but the people you see face to face, wine waiters, bus boys, cabin stewards/stewardesses all take a hit on their tips, which they are working for. The company also takes some of these tips and places it into various schemes for the crew fund, instead of giving it all to the crew. This acts like a kind of ‘smoothing’ in the accounts, so when the company is not making so much, sailing part full, the pay and tips are boosted from previous tips! Not really fair! as the personnel that were onboard when the money was given, have left and gone on leave! There were some legal arguments made against these tactics and I am not at this time sure how they were resolved!

Where in the World?

Cruise ships travel to destinations, ports in various parts of the world where it is financially viable! If the port charges are high, they will go elsewhere or ferry you in by tender (cruise companies make a lot of their profits through the tour companies!). As cruise ships get larger, they will be able to go only to the larger, more commercial ports and not to the smaller, quaint little tourist traps of old. Ports see this as a loss and are rapidly trying to respond to the demand for larger berths, the Caribbean being a prime example, where piers are extended regularly to accommodate longer and bigger vessels. The larger ships bring more passengers, more passengers bring bigger problems for the ports and less intimacy for the passengers. With some of these ships bigger than my home town and carrying in excess of 5,000 people onboard, why would you want to take a vacation on a luxury cruise with 5,000 people? It can’t possibly be luxury, you certainly won’t get personal service, apart from your cabin steward and it is very likely that you will be in queues for hours every day, getting into dinner, onto buses, onto tenders, into the shop ashore and in fact almost everywhere you go.

Take Skagway in Alaska, a little town of some 800 people living there during the winter, whose population swells to around 2,000 in the summer for the cruise ship season, and then the cruise lines DUMP around 12,000 passengers plus around another 3,000 crew a day into a village some 1000 yds long and 700 yds wide.

I have never counted the number of horses in the town, but if I were to guess, it is probably the closest thing to a one horse town most people that have visited will ever see. (I still love the place though, even if it is being ruined!) The mountains and scenery behind are a dream come true for hill walkers and adventurists, take a hike!

My Advice to You

Take a cruise, Yes, I did say take a cruise, If you like the sun, go for it, head to the sun; If you like Ice and Snow, go to Alaska, Norway or even further up to Greenland, it’s more spectacular.

Here’s the BUT….. find the smallest cruise ship you can. Find one that doesn’t go to all the same places as the big cruise lines. If you have teenage kids, and aren’t too bothered about keeping them on a leash, then Carnival is fine. Something more sedate, with some great fun opportunities, Royal Caribbean or P&O, need to sleep a bit more? Then Holland America Line will suit. Celebrity and Norwegian Cruise lines fit in the middle as well, so there is choice and Cunard is in the middle to top end as well.

But be warned, if you want something special, go smaller rather than large. Find a ship under 2,000 passengers and that’s a start. Less than a thousand and you’re doing great. 500 – 600 and you’re onto the cruise of a lifetime. Smaller still and try out the really beautiful ships in the south pacific, medi and caribbean under the windstar banner. They even have sails and if the wind is right, you can have that moonlit walk on the teak decks under the stars without 2,000 other passenger pushing and shoving to get the same view and NO Engine or soot to spoil the tranquility. (Dolphins and whales love swimming with sailboats! and don’t get hurt by propellers!)

Smaller ships cause less local damage, visit smaller, more private, more intimate ports in more remote spots from the main civilisation centers. Less bus time and more You time.

Travel the world and see it for yourself. It is still a beautiful place, you just need to find your place in it.

Cruise Europe On Luxury Cruise Ships For A Relaxing and Educational Vacation

Do you want to tour Europe’s coastline but feel exhausted about the daunting task of packing and unpacking many times? The perfect solution is to take a cruise along Europe’s coastline. There are numerous cruises offered for the Mediterranean, the North Sea, the Baltic and other coastlines of Europe. The cruise ships that ply those waters can range from 100 to 3000 passengers. All of the newer ships cruising Europe’s coastline, while very large, offer more amenities, like private balconies. All of the cruise ships will have pools, spas and entertainment.

There are alternative ways to cruise Europe. You could for instance take a river cruise on the Danube or perhaps the Rhine. These luxurious cruise ships will gently ply the rivers passing beautiful scenery. They will stop at many ports so the passengers can get off and explore. These cruise ships are not tall like other cruise ships because they are designed to fit under the many bridges that span the rivers. They do not carry the mega amount of passengers, usually 50 to 200.

Another choice would be a barge cruise. Many small barges have been converted to luxury cruise ships. These ships can maneuver in the smaller rivers and canals. Since they carry very few passengers (6-12) they are a more intimate experience. You will need time for cruises such as these. They travel slowly and make overnight stops in small villages.

Then there is a Yacht cruise which appeals to the heart of all want to be yachtsmen. These too are much smaller and you will experience amore intimate cruise.

But let’s go with the traditional cruise that visits lots of ports during the cruise. Since you have invested a lot of time and money to get to Europe you will want to choose a cruise that visits lots of ports in many countries. Go for a 12 to 14 day itinerary visiting countries that interest you. Review the tours offered before you leave so you know which ones you want to book when you arrive at your cruise ship. Usually the cruise ship will stop in a port during the day traveling to the next port during the night. Occasionally, a ship will overnight in a port giving you more time to tour.

A typical day aboard a cruise ship in Europe starts with breakfast being delivered to your room and placed on your balcony so you can watch as you gently glide into port. If you don’t have anything planned for that day go the restaurant deck and enjoy a hearty meal.

If you have a tour booked, head for the meeting area that has been designated by the cruise line. In most cases the tours are four to five hours long giving you the rest of the day to explore more fully. If you have planned it right you can do your tour, then return to the ship for lunch, then go out in the afternoon to hit the spots you have chosen to see.

Most cruise lines set sail for the next port in the early evening around 5 or 6 o’clock. After you have watched the sail away, you have time to get cleaned up, have a drink and then have a leisurely dinner. There is always entertainment after dinner to enjoy. The casino and the bars will be opened to the late hours but remember you have an early start the next day.

If there are a couple of days where you are not in port the cruise ship will provide plenty of activities that you can join. They have art auctions, trivia, bridge, lectures, fitness classes and much more. And don’t forget the spa. Make your spa appointments early since the sea days tend to be booked solid.

So if you have decided to cruise the coasts of Europe you need to consider a few things.
There are many destinations to choose from with the Mediterranean being the most popular. But you can opt to do the Baltic, Scandinavia or the British Isles.

Now you have to pick a cruise line that sails in to your chosen itinerary. Some of the cruise lines, like Radisson, SilverSea, and Windstar are small and intimate. These cruise lines emphasis luxury and service. The other main stream cruise lines, Princess, Celebrity or Holland America, to name a few, carry thousands of passengers, from 1500 to 3000. They are really floating resorts. Of course the costs should be considered too.

If you can afford it choose to sail on a luxury cruise line. Now you have to compare the amenities of each luxury cruise line. The cabins on a luxury cruise ship tend to be the size of a suite on the mega cruise lines. Check the cruise lines brochure for square footage.

Find out what is included on the different luxury cruise lines. Some include drinks and wine with dinner. Others require no tipping. Some include the airfare. These are all things to consider when you choosing which luxury cruise line to sail on. Spa and beauty treatments will always be paid for by you. In some cases the tours are included and in other they are not. Do your homework to get the best deal.

Talk to an experienced cruise travel agent. They will help you get all the information you need. Many times by booking early you can see substantial savings. You can save a little money if you have frequent flyer miles, so request a cruise only fare. Most of the luxury cruise lines will not allow you to book a cruise except through a travel agent.

On a European cruise be aware that you will not have time to do any in-depth studies of the ports you visit. You will get a “taste” of each port that will whet your appetite to visit the destination again at another time and stay longer. You may want to choose a cruise line that overnights in a port or you could buy one of their pr or post packages in a port of call.

Go check out what cruising Europe’s coastline has to offer. A cruise may be just right for you because it is a cross between a resort vacation and a holiday in Europe.